Additional Pilot Ratings Training

Once qualified and being the holder of a Private Pilots Licence you may choose to add additional ratings to your licence.

We are able to offer the IMC rating and the Night rating.
The IMC Rating
St. George Flight Training pleased to be able to offer the IMC rating to Private Pilot Licence holders. We offer the course on a pay as you go or on a prepaid basis, the prepaid scheme offering substantial savings. The course can be taken full time in which case you should be able to complete it within 10 days, we can arrange local Bed and Breakfast should this be required.
The flight training syllabus will include use of "Full"and "Limited" Panel. Limited Panel refers to 'flight assuming failure of the gyroscopic attitude and heading indicators'- having dealt with basic IF blind flying techniques, we move forward to "procedural" flying which includes being proficient in the use of NDB's VOR's and carrying out Radar and ILS approaches.
Course Objectives
To train the Pilot to the level of knowledge and skill needed to pass the ground and flight tests required for the initial issue of a UK IMC rating.
As a PPL with an IMC rating you must at all times have a minimum flight visibility below cloud of 1 NM for take off and landing in order to operate within the privileges of the rating.
The Cost
As with all of our flight training we offer many ways for you to achieve your goal - please consult the Tariff Guide for more information.
The Night Rating

The Private Pilots Licence syllabus does not include any requirement for night training for the issue of the licence. However, should the private pilot wish to fly as Pilot In Command at night with or without passengers then the night rating must be acquired.
Pre Entry Requirement
Night is defined as '30 minutes before sunrise, and 30 minutes after sunset'.
To be able to commence training for the night rating the applicant must be able to produce evidence of having completed a total of 50 hours as Pilot of aeroplanes and have at least 20 hours as Pilot-in-Command of which 10 hours must have been gained since making an application for the issue of a PPL(A).
Dual instruction in instrument flying of which not less than 5 hours must be flown by sole reference to instruments; up to 3 hours of the 5 hours may have been achieved during PPL(A) training. Not more than 2.5 hours may be tuition in instrument flying in a simulator recognized by the authority as being suitable for training.
Satisfactory completion of a course of at least 5 hours night flying conducted by as flying instructor to a syllabus recognized by the authority. This shall consist of: · At least 3 hours dual instruction including at least one hour of night navigation · 5 Take offs and landings as PIC, and in at least one instance take off and landing should be separate by a complete departure from, and rejoining of, the aerodrome traffic pattern.
The Cost
As with all of our flight training we offer many ways for you to achieve your goal - please consult the Tariff Guide for more information.

A few words about night flying...
Flying at night, as Pilot in Command, is a thrilling experience. It is a totally different experience to normal flight through the day. If you have a PPL(A), and have never experienced night flying, you are urged to try it at least once. At St. George Flight Training Ltd , we are sure you'll thoroughly enjoy every minute!
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